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With tired of the tiled floor, and solid wood flooring cheaper quality is not guaranteed, too expensive and not worthwhile. Then floor leather may be the choice you want. Inexpensive floor leather has gradually become the new darling of consumers. Although floor leather is a plastic flooring material, its environmental performance is not bad, so it has become a common material for modern fashion decoration. Want to know about floor leather ? Still know nothing about its price performance? Let's take everyone together to learn about it today!

What is floor leather

Floor leather (not PVC plastic floor) is a type of flooring material that belongs to plastic products. Plastic floor leather belongs to soft flooring.

There is also a kind of floor leather called plastic floor leather, also called soft floor, which is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate additives, and applying floor rolls coated or rolled on sheet-like continuous substrates. material. Floor leather, also called coiled floor, is one of the indispensable floor decoration materials for modern living room decoration. Before 96 years, floor leather was a medium quality and price product with a thickness of 1.5mm or more. Above 0.1mm, half of them are made of flat glass or double coated.

What is the second floor leather?

1, floor leather performance

Floor leather belongs to the light floor covering material and is flexible, so the foot feeling on the floor leather is very soft and comfortable. And, the qualified floor leather has multiple functions: insulation, anti-corrosion, durability, low water absorption, convenient construction, and suitable for use by consumers.

2, floor leather price

The price of floor leather, needless to say, is relatively affordable in the flooring materials. It doesn’t cost you money, but it also keeps the room charming. Inexpensive floor leather is the first choice for your flooring materials, allowing you to enjoy a low-cost, down-grade home life.

3, floor leather maintenance

Since floor leather is made of plastic, it is easily affected by heat. We need to pay attention to store it in a suitable temperature, about 10 °C ~ 40 °C look. To prevent the color of the surface of the floor leather, it is usually necessary to pay attention to cleaning, and the floor leather can be wiped clean with a general detergent.


4, floor leather, selection skills

The primary factor in selecting floor leather is the determination of the area of ​​use of the room, the selection of a reasonable floor leather size for the local conditions, and the use of different floor leather patterns depending on the user of the room. Determine the main color of floor leather according to the specific use.

5, floor leather, appearance quality

The most critical thing is to buy quality, how to determine the quality of floor leather? Xiao Bian provides you with a feasible solution. The floor leather was observed under light and the eyes were observed obliquely. Look for cracks, delamination, and fractures on the surface of the floor leather.

Three floor leather life

In fact, it is necessary to maintain the long-term appearance of floor leather, and daily maintenance and maintenance are also very important. First of all, keep the floor clean, no sand, dust things rub the floor surface; the dirt should be promptly removed, be careful not to scrub with acetone, cyclohexanone, concentrated alkali water and other organic solvents to prevent surface color fade, degumming, cracking or Warping, clean with a detergent or detergent. Use a semi-dry mop to clean it up to prevent dirt water from seeping through the seams and breaking the bond. In this way, floor leather is very durable.


Four household floor leather prices

As far as I know, the price of home floor leather is very cheap, Xiao Bian will provide you with the prices of several city floor leathers. Beijing floor leather price: 8 yuan / square meter; Shanghai floor leather price: 8 yuan / square meter; Nanjing floor leather price: 7-10 yuan / square meter; Chengdu floor leather price: 5 yuan / square meter; Chongqing floor leather price : 5 yuan / square meter; Guangzhou floor leather price: 4 yuan / square meter; Tianjin floor leather price: 7 yuan / square meter.

How to spread floor leather

1, first measure the size of the exact room, according to a standard slightly greater than the measurement of the width of the cut floor leather, so that when the lap to facilitate the use of flowers and trimming;

2, in order to stretch the curly floor leather, it is best to place in the space of not less than 15 degrees Celsius for about 24 hours;

3, cleaning the ground, uneven and pay attention to repair and leveling, keep the ground clean, tidy and dry;

4, glue. According to the size of the floor leather glue on the ground, painted a piece of a piece of paving, in this order. The width of the floor that meets each floor leather should be kept at a width of 10 cm without gluing so that the joints can be finally treated;

5. Use a long handle brush to rush out and compress. The overlap width of the floor seam should be about 5cm. Use a long ruler to align with the center of the overlap. Cut along the ruler with a cutter and remove. Cut the side strips and brush the glue over the seams again.

6, the final inspection so that the floor leather paving is smooth, with or without bubbles, the syringe can be used to insert the suction air, and then compaction.


The above is related to the introduction of floor leather. After reading this article, I believe that you must have more understanding and understanding of floor leather. If you are preparing to lay floor leather, this article is just enough to help you. If you want to learn more about this, please pay attention to this site information channel.

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