Yang Dong’s customer of furniture is “bringing”

Yang Dong’s furniture dealership has been in the road for 14 years. In the market environment where everyone called “cold” last year, her performance was not affected. Instead, she achieved unprecedented breakthroughs and obtained flowers for the media. The annual "Amyida Star", a winning BMW sedan. For this change, Yang Dong, who started to transfer to Emma Furniture since the beginning of 2010, feels that the quality of the brand directly affects sales, but in addition to the product itself, there are also some very particular business ideas.

Starting to make furniture in 1997, changing brands is nothing new for Yang Dong, from making plate furniture to the present. European and American furniture , from the low-end brand to the high-end brand route. Every transformation is a "shou" and "de". Now she only operates the American-style furniture brand “Amyida” from Huayin Group. But it is precisely because of this transformation that she has achieved a breakthrough, accumulated many years of experience, and also formed some insights in her own operations. Yang Dong believes that branding must have perseverance and perseverance. "I do marketing differently from other dealers. I take the interests of customers as my own interests. Treat customers as friends and use my sincerity and sincerity to make customers feel." To the satisfaction, this is also my service tenet. In the case that our energy, financial resources and resources are limited, we need to concentrate on the attack and use energy on the blade.

Let the customer stop

Attracting customers' attention is the first step in doing business. So, how to do it? First of all, from your own store. Yang Dong believes that the quality of a store, the first is the product, the second is the location, and the third is the shopping guide. The product is the carrier and the root cause of the transaction, so the charm of the product itself is very important. The most test is the choice of the brand. Yang Dong said that she chooses the brand mainly because of the workmanship and quality, followed by the strength and service of the manufacturer and after-sales. The brand that needs to be long-term cooperation is not to be replaced as before.

In the March 2010 exhibition, Yang Dong, who wants to seek some transformation and breakthrough, wants to transform into high-end furniture. The information brought back from Dongguan exhibition alone has a suitcase, but due to the big environment of the furniture market in the past two years. Well, let her consider more and be more cautious when choosing a co-brand and factory. “After returning, I also got a few brands and called the manufacturers. After working for furniture dealers for so many years, the company is very pragmatic, and the corporate culture of being very honest has made me feel the deepest. In the later exchanges, also to Amy. I have confidence in my products, and I believe that my first instinct is not wrong.” After Yang Dong’s understanding and comparison, he selected the “Amyida” of the Flower Media Group.

In the choice of location of American furniture brands, Yang Dong pursues the "Golden Corner Silver Corner". The so-called "Phnom Penh Silver Corner", she understands this: like a woman shopping, if you want to slip to a big brand, you must go to the side, and, when you go forward, you are sure to look to the right. The silver corner is because the corner can retain people. The overall feeling of the store is to create a warm feeling of home, so in the jewelry matching, decoration and shopping guide, the gentleness is adopted, let them enter and stop.

In the guide shopping guide, want to let customers enter the store, should not let customers have negative psychology such as rebellion, rejection, resentment, etc. "To the customer, be patient: when you arrive at the store, you don't have to buy anything, especially for these." The high-end furniture, when selling, is to be determined with him repeatedly, ask him how to decorate, what style, what pattern. Then from these people, introduce the product, sometimes let them take the drawings and help them reference". She believes that for customers, we must remember to use our own heart to do empathy, to the interests of customers for their own interests, not to take orders, regardless of whether customers really need.

Establish customer trust

If you can make customers really like your products, it is basically that Yang Dong said that it is their competitiveness in communicating with customers. If you wait for customers like friends, they can still treat you as friends, and customers are stable. Then, when you need it, you will first think of you. When your friends need it, they will naturally introduce it to you. The word-of-mouth effect will come out more directly than advertising. Let customers recognize your products, identify with your service, have enough confidence in you, and trust will arise. The guarantee of product quality and the support of the manufacturers made Yang Dong feel that he had made the right choice in this transformation. She said that the quality and workmanship of Aimeida products basically had few problems that required after-sales, and it was able to solve and restore the situation in time. Reflected issues.

Building a customer's trust is the backbone of a career, and a very important role in establishing this relationship is the guide. Pay attention to the quality of the shopping guide. In the process of communicating with customers, the guides often leave different impressions to customers because of different qualities or communication methods. In Yang Dong's eyes, the quality of shopping guides can be improved through training, and among all qualities, she pays the most attention to the cultivation of responsible. "Let him voluntarily do a good job, and devote himself wholeheartedly to the end." Therefore, when recruiting the guide, she has no strict requirements and restrictions on the appearance and experience of the guide, as long as the guide It's easy, natural, and it's OK to introduce and achieve goals according to the way customers and friends like it, and deliberately follow some routines, the effect is not necessarily ideal.

In addition, appropriate decentralization, let them have the feeling of "home". In the business of Yang Dong for many years, many shopping guides have followed her to grow and develop. While she is decentralizing, she will be more attractive to the shopping guides. Therefore, let the shopping guide have the feeling of own shop, and therefore "There are a lot of things in the store like business, taxation, shopping malls and so on. They can do it themselves. Basically, I don't have to worry about it." To do business for your own family, you will naturally deal with various problems in the best way. Communication with customers will also affect the impact of this feeling, and the effect will be different.

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